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This past January 23, 2016 was the 1st Annual Coombs King Fest.  Call me if you want to be in Jackson Hole for the 2nd Coombs King Fest to bid on some IN-credible items.

Hi Brian – I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for your generous donation to the first, and certainly not the last Coombs King Fest for the Doug Coombs Foundation. It was an incredibly successful, well attended event and would not have been the same without your enthusiastic support. I hope we can work with you again next year.



DCF-lifting-us-up-28-1024x263We provide low income children the opportunity to ski.

Through skiing we work to break down the racial and economic barriers that prevent children from low income families from reaching their full potential so that they may become contributing members of society.

Doug Coombs Foundation