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The Story

In 2011, Skida founder Corinne Prevot found inspiration after Mr. Pring asked to order a dozen fleece-lined hats for the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, as his wife was undergoing treatment.  Skida shipped a dozen hats on his behalf. From then on, Skida’s vision of social outreach transpired and became Skida Plus One.

The Vision

For a patient undergoing Chemotherapy, Skida Hats provide the perfect level of warmth, comfort and cheer. We want to give these patients Skida hats, but in a way that is both sustainable and meaningful.

Want to brighten someone’s day? Let us collaborate: for every order that is placed with a Plus One promotional code, Skida will donate one hat to the corresponding cancer center. It is your Skida order, Plus One.

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We believe in supporting our local community.  Our entire collection is proudly made in Vermont, which allows us to provide you with an always-fresh collection.  Our local production also inspires a unique connection to the greater Vermont community.  Our sewers work from home in the northern part of the state, a region with a rich history in garment manufacturing.  Supporting this local industry is just one element of Skida’s contribution to the community.